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Services (provided to friends and friends of friends)

Contact me for a quote. Prices below are generic.
All Prices subject to change without notice.

Computer Upgrades/Repair

On-Premises: $250 per hour
Shop: $90 per hour

Secure Network and Wireless Equipment

  • Upgrade your hard drive to Solid State Drive.
  • Security check-up.

Secure, Speed-Up, and Repair PC’s

  • Update anti-virus, run Windows Updates
  • Answer any questions or concerns about anything IT.

Best Practice Suggestions

  • Recommend any hardware or software improvements. Ex: Backing up your files, WiFi coverage issues, Web content filtering.

Having WiFi/Internet Issues?

~$1500 (Accurate pricing requires free site survey)


  • Router
  • POE Switch
  • 2 or 3 WiFi Access Point(s)
  • All wiring and installation


  • Additional Access Points
  • Mesh Access Points
  • 8, 16, 24, and 48 port POE Switches
  • Hardwire TV’s, PC’s, and other network devices

WiFi to another building within sight

~$850 (Accurate pricing requires free site survey)


  • WiFi Bridge Antennas
  • Access Point


  • Cameras can be run over this link
  • Additional Access Points
  • WiFi hop to another building

3 security cameras and a DVR

~$1700 (Accurate pricing requires free site survey)


  • 3 hard wired night vision cameras
  • 1 Terrabyte DVR
  • Cloud Access included, no monthly fees


  • * Additional Cameras
  • * 4k Cameras
  • * Wireless indoor cameras

Equipment and Contact Info


  • All equipment listed here is enterprise quality gear meant to last and perform. I personally wouldn't put my name and reputation behind anything of lesser quality. The all-in-one WiFi Router that can be purchased from a big box store is cheaper and will work, but your WiFi coverage, security, and quality of your internet connection will suffer. That being said, this equipment is an excellent value compared to it's quality.


  • Most of the equipment listed here comes with a manufacturer 1 year parts warranty.

Maintenance Agreement

  • 1st year of off-site service and updates are free, $60-120/year after 1st year.


  • You know who I am, and you have my number.
  • Give me a call!

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